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Apr-May 2023 Issue / Cover model lil body benz

Artist: @_lilbodybenz Photographer: @markadavisphotography_llc

Introduce yourself? I’m lil Body Benz, wita big body pen!

Are you signed or unsigned? I am currently unsigned.

How long have you been an artist? I have always been an artist. Ever since I was

a kid.

What drives you to keep going in a business like this? I really love doing this, it’s all I want. That makes it easy to decide to always keep pushing no matter what.

With so many ways to drop music and to promote self now. Do you think record labels matter as much now? I think that it’s very possible to be a successful independent artist with the right marketing and budget behind you. However, labels are definitely a quick way to get distributed and make money it you don’t already have the resources.


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