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Artist Sonhe Hott

Introduce yourself? My name is Sonhe Hott also known as Soprano Sonhe. I was born in Maryland and grew up in Virginia during my early childhood years. I then moved back to Maryland when I was 17. My childhood was far from typical. I experienced a lot at a young age such as death and dope dealing, which played a major part in how I viewed the world.

Are you signed or unsigned? Currently, I am an unsigned artist, however, I do run my own label which is Gutter Money Cartel (GMC) #CartelBusiness.

How long have you been an artist? I have been an artist my whole life. Music has also been a way for me to express myself, and even became the therapy I needed that allowed me to deal with past trauma.

What drives you to keep going in a business like this? What drives me is my passion for music. Even if I didn’t make a dollar, I would still make music as it allows me to escape a reality that is sometimes filled with stress, hate, envy and unloyalty. Music is the opposite of everything I try to escape.



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