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COVER MODEL JUST BRITTANY - I made my first song in the kitchen on the table

Who were your role models growing up and why? My role model would have to be my grandmother Patricia Ann because she stood on what was right and didn’t mind giving someone a piece of her mind, my godmother Lawana because she instilled hard work, and education in me, and my big sister Rochelle because she taught me how to keep going regardless of the hate and people doubting me.

Who has been the biggest influence in your life and why? The biggest influence would be Beyonce. As a little girl my mom would send us to her concerts and we would just dress up like Destiny’s Child. She always was what I wanted to become in some way when I was older.

When did you make your first song? I made my first song in the kitchen on the table. We didn’t have all this fancy studio equipment that we have now. I started in like 2006.



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