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Curves for days issue covermodel: Kenzi

Photographer: Kendal Carry

links: Instagram @kenziwolfe777

Measurements: 36-26-50

How did you get your start in the industry? I’ve been wanting to get into it for a while but the opportunity never presented itself at the right time until one day Kendal came across my Facebook while i still had one. and it’s been such ever since.

What do you think is the most misleading thing about modeling? For models and for onlookers?

I’m honestly not sure how to answer this, but id maybe say that people try to push you away from getting into it by saying it’s too fast paced and too much of a sacrifice. it is what you make of it, you’re driving the car and everyone else is just your passenger. there’s no pressure.

How do you remain in tip top condition

for modeling? Pole dancing and self-care!

What are your favorite types of modeling shoots and why? My favorite is honestly nude. not even

in a sexual way… just because i feel most comfortable naked. ask my man, he’ll tell you. I’ll eat green beans and dino chicken nuggets naked at 4am and that’s my happy place. lol!

Read full interview inside the Curves for days issue. also check her out on our 2023 calendar poster



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