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Curves for days issue model: Melanin Queen

Links: Ig @The1_melanin_queen.

What are your favorite types of modeling shoots and why? Lingerie & swimwear bc it’s a confidence booster.

Any shoutouts? Ig @babygirlisplatinum and @iamthekdmcgirt.

Where are you from? Charlotte, NC.

What can we catch you doing on your day off? Traveling internationally.

How can a man/woman catch your attention? Smile, nice teeth, personality.

Which animal are you most like and why? Lion, because I’m bold and courageous.

Do you have a degree or training, if so, in what field(s)? Associates in graphic design.

Outside of modeling, what other career goals are you working towards currently? Building my dress rental business.

Check her out in the Curves for days. issue


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