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Digital Creator of the week: Novemberrandolp

Our first website digital creative of the week is IG @novethepenkilla. A Author, entrepreneur, creator and someone you won't be able to take your eyes off of. her Go ahead in scroll down & try I double dare you. Don't try this dare at work.

What is the sexiest thing about you? My personality,

Your latest project? She shows her creative skills in her book "Freaky Talez". High emotions, hand gripping scenarios and tantalizing your senses emotionally and sexually get ready for Erotism to be brought to your hands.

Erotism is played in many relationships and In our communities however is still looked upon and often portrayed incorrectly by others opinions and beliefs. Embracing your sexuality and voicing your wants and needs is an art that needs to be explored more often amongst ourselves and each other.

Self-love; self-expression allows us to fully become one in knowing your needs and your partners.

In Freaky Talez I want to represent a freedom of self-exploration in real people like sex workers, entertainers and creative artist not just movies and books but in and al around us. I want to especially bring awareness in the black community. I want people to see it’s not pornography, or dirty but yet sexy and a fulfilling art. Visit to learn more and to purchase merchandise!


Now back to the dare

I see you still looking lol. How about i triple dare you too. go ahead

don't worry, we won't tell. No shame in losing this dare,

Checkout more of her at click here


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