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lea Von Damon

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What can we catch you doing on your day off?

Usually something in the outdoors, fishing, kayaking, gardening. Or just playing video games, surrounded by my animal children.

What kind of kid were you; the troublemaker, goody two shoes, nerd, or something else entirely?

I was a pretty big dweeb, with a dash of emo. Didn't bloom until after high-school.

Outside of modeling, what other career goals are you working towards currently?

I'm also a photographer, and a creative director for events.

What do you think is the most misleading thing about modeling? For models and for onlookers? Modeling isn't just getting your photo taken and you having all of the control. The biggest thing that makes a model a model, is accepting that you are a tool for a bigger picture and not the center of the attention. You're the accessory to whatever you're selling. Glamour modeling is slightly different in the sense that half of the time the model is the featured "product" but if you're doing this for the parties, and views, you're probably not a model, you're an influencer and that perfectly fine to. Just don't confuse the two.

How do you remain in tip top condition for modeling? Workout, eat healthy, and on non-workout days I'm usually doing some kind of physical labor or activity.

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