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Past issue feature: Covermodel Noelle Armana

Photographer @stacebernardphotograph

IG @Noelle_armana

Where are you from?

Philadelphia, pa

Do you have a dream car? If so what is it? I currently own my dream car!

I have a bubble gum pink mustang GT, and yes fellas, it is stick shift!

Even if you’re not bi/gay, every girl has a girl crush, who’s yours?

Megan Fox, hands down. She is the sexiest human alive, a real life


If I ask your friends, if you were the shy, dare devil or keep to self type, what would they say and why? They would laugh and laugh and laugh and say “her? Shy? You’re joking right?!” All my friends would say I’m definitely more of the confident, fun, sassy, dare devil type. I’m always the first to put on a daring outfit and strut my stuff down the street like the world is my runway. I’m definitely not afraid to draw attention and cause a stir.


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