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STORY TIME: Car fun By Christa Jenelle

Josh and Kathy were on their way home from dinner. They had just gone to an amazing Italian restaurant to celebrate Kathy's birthday. They shared this amazing pasta and chicken dish and split an expensive bottle of red wine. However, Kathy had basically drank the whole thing herself as Josh was driving and had been talking dirty to Josh the entire night. She was telling him in his ear the whole night about how she wants to have sex all night long, and wanted to do something crazy, something new to change things up. Little did she know, she was about to have to do all that she had just spoken about.

They pull into their driveway and Kathy says, "Ugh I just can't wait to shower and hop in bed." Josh grabbed her thigh, "Oh really? What about everything you said at the restaurant." Kathy giggled, "Omg Josh what did you have in mind?" Josh locked the car door and motioned to his pants. Kathy's eyes got huge. "Right here?!", she exclaimed. Josh nodded and unzipped his pants and took his penis out.

Kathy said, "Josh someone could see us!". Josh said, "Well we should be quick then right??


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