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Covermodel Becki Lynn

Under the boardwalk in seaside. That was a wild ride.

Photographer @stacebernardphotography

How did you get your start in the industry? Ive went to school for Filmmaking and while I was there id often be the subject for classes and I always enjoyed that but it was never something I seriously considered pursuing until my best friend Missy pushed me to put myself out there more.

What do you think is the most misleading thing about modeling? For models and for onlookers? That its easy. There is nothing easy about putting yourself out there in such a vulnerable position and then making it look effortless. I have always had such respect for models and its why I didn't think I was capable of doing

it for so long.

How do you remain in tip top condition for modeling? I’ve been very passionate about working out the past two years. Not only does weightlifting give me the physique I've been working towards but it helps give me the confidence to even step in front of a camera.

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