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Feb 2024 issue cover model Michaela Hope

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Links: IG hope.mikaa

What are your favorite types of modeling shoots? I really love modeling boudoir, stylized and some fashion shots.

Any shootouts? I’ve modeled a few shoot outs and workshops over the course of my modeling career.

Photographer: Michaela Hope Photography

What can we watch you doing on your day off? It’s rare that I get an actual day. I’m usually editing or working in some way. But I lie to spend my time hiking or just relaxing at home.

What do you think is the most misleading thing about modeling? For models and for onlookers? I think the most misleading thing for both sides is the assumption of all models participating in subscription sites or shooting “that” type of content. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it but it seems like most onlookers tend to assume there is always a link between the two sides of the industry.

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